As vice president of a small company, my time is already crammed with production duties and project management. When we need to add to our team, it’s difficult to find the time. But having a tool where I can hear my job candidates before I interview them is great. WireHire helps me manage the hiring process without having to drop revenue-generating work to become a full-time recruiter.
Paul Rose
Vice President, Film Creations

There’s no question that WireHire saves our company a significant amount of time and money.  In this economy, our job postings can generate hundreds of applications.  WireHire allows us to quickly weed out applicants who look good on paper but otherwise aren’t a good fit. In just the past year, we estimate WireHire has saved us over $10,000 in hiring and recruiting costs while also significantly reducing the turnover of new hires. It’s become one of those tools we can’t imagine doing business without.
Tyler Hall
Founder, Student Experts