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Additional Response $3.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00
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What is an interview?

An interview is a set of questions you record for a specific job. An employer with two openings for different positions would likely record a separate interview for each job.


What is a response?

A response is an individual’s set of answers to the series of questions you recorded. For instance, one applicant calling in to participate in your interview — regardless of whether you have two questions or 20 to answer — comprises a single response. WireHire pricing plans are based on the number of responses your job ads receive.


How are WireHire pricing plans structured?

WireHire offers monthly and annual plans to suit every business’s needs. Pricing is based on the volume of responses to the job interviews you set up. For instance, 40 job responses per month are included in our Basic Plan. Companies expecting larger numbers of responses to its job listings can save by upgrading to plans that include 60 or 100 responses per month.


What if I exceed the number of responses included in my plan?

Each response that surpasses the number included in your plan is $2 to $3, depending on your plan. Companies that exceed their included responses typically upgrade to a more cost effective plan.


Can I roll over unused interviews?

Yes. If 40 responses are included in your plan, but only 20 applicants call in that month to participate in an interview, you will have a pool of 60 to use the following month.


Do you offer annual plans?

Yes. WireHire’s annual agreements are more cost effective for most employers. Price per response decreases as the plans increase in size.


What is a response "roll over?"

Unused response credits that you pay for will roll over into the next month. For example if you are on a plan that includes 40 response credits and you have 10 left over at the end of a month, you will have 50 credits available for use the next month. Roll over credits expire after one year.