How does WireHire help with recruiting?

WireHire helps employers screen applicants before investing the time and resources that are inevitably spent when meeting a candidate in person. Respondents to your job listings can call in to a local phone number to answer a series of pre-recorded questions, allowing employers to collect interviews 24 hours a day and evaluate a candidates’ phone interview performance before deciding whether to set up a face-to-face interview.

Who creates the questions?

Employers decide what questions they want job applicants to answer and then call in to WireHire to record them. It really is as simple as that. Each series of questions, called an interview, can be set up in a matter of minutes. If you get stuck, WireHire has a database of common job interview questions that can supplement your interviews.

Can WireHire set up my questions for me?

A WireHire sales associate can assist you in setting up your interview questions. Call 888-599-WIRE (9473) for help.

What happens after my questions are recorded?

WireHire assigns your set of questions a unique phone number and PIN. You can list those in a job ad inviting interested applicants to call to answer your pre-recorded questions. Once job-seekers phone in, they receive brief instructions on how to use WireHire. Next, they hear your voice asking the first question you recorded. After a beep, applicants record their responses and press a key on their phone pad to progress to the next question. This process repeats until the interview is completed.

What is a response “roll over?”

Unused response credits that you pay for will roll over into the next month. For example if you are on a plan that includes 40 response credits and you have 10 left over at the end of a month, you will have 50 credits available for use the next month. Roll over credits expire after one year.

What are the access phone numbers that a candidate can use to call into Wire Hire?

Wire Hire has toll-free and local access numbers for candidates to use for their interview. Below is a list of available numbers.  Don’t see a local number? Just ask.

Toll Free Number:

(520) 549-2097
(480) 442-8955

(303) 720-7488

New Jersey
(609) 375-8094

(504) 521-6430

(360) 524-2816